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How are you planning on getting there?

Global Great Hotels provides a booking service to which you can access via phone or form to make your booking requests. You can use such service to both make your booking or ask for advice. Our advisers will be delighted to help you and satisfy your every need. Our timetable is from Monday to Friday (10 am to 6 pm - Spanish time).
Here are some of the most popular alternatives you may use to get to our resort. Choose from the following list the service that best suits your needs and contact us to make your booking. Please do not forget to give details of everything you need for your trip.


Hiring a taxi is one of the fastest, easiest and most comfortable ways to travel around the island, especially if you travel with children or old people. If you are thinking about a taxi to get from the airport to the hotel, you will find them directly outside of the airport. After picking up your luggage, go to gate C at the center of the arrivals hall (where the meeting point is). Taxis are parked outside, directly in front of gate C. Please note you will have to go to the first of the line.


There is not a private transfer office at Palma airport, so do not let anyone deceive you! Even if someone offers you this type of service when arriving at the airport, it will always be more expensive than hiring it in advance via us. Why? Because people usually take advantage of those who come to the island without something fixed. Therefore, let us take care of you and choose the wisest option to prevent you from losing both time and money. Contact Global Great Hotels and we will hire a private transfer for you before your arrival. As you may imagine, a private transfer offers you the privacy and exclusivity you deserve. Furthermore, it takes you directly to the place you need to go in Majorca without wasting any second of your precious time, since the driver of the transfer will be waiting for you at the arrival hall when arriving at Palma airport.


If you are one of those who love driving, do not let this opportunity pass you by and contact us. We will be happy to assist you and help you hire the car you are looking for to drive around the island.
In other words, hiring a car is the easiest way to go to those beaches and coves you want to visit with your family - the limit is up to you! In addition, you will have absolutely no doubt that you will enjoy the best quality of the car market without paying unnecessary extra costs.
It goes without saying that we will make your booking taking into account all the extras you and your family need to get the most of this new adventure. Contact Global Great Hotels and we will give you more information about this service.